Sunday, September 28, 2008

My First Trip!

My parents took me away this weekend for a little trip to Cape May. My parents packed up the car with lots of stuff to make sure I (or they) was well equipped - pack and play, my bathtub, a gazillion diapers and lots of changes of clothes - and off we went.

I sat on my mom's lap while she ate some seafood
And I played with my dad in our B&B, Pharo's

I really liked Pharo's. They were so nice to me, and kept telling me how sweet I was!

We did a lot of walking around Cape May and by the water too. I met Alicia who was so nice - my dad photographed her wedding last year. My parents really liked eating at The Blue Pig at Congress Hall. They liked it so much that they got me a onesie. And my mom also got me some books at Whale's Tale and really cool outfits at Happy Baby. But I was happy to get home, because I have visitors coming tomorrow for Rosh Hashanah!

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