Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day One - Still Tired from the Move

Ok, I didn't come up with "still tired from the move". A comedian named Steven Wright said that, but it's true!

After I was screaming, they bundled me up in lots of blankets and my dad and mom held me for a while. Then they took me away and made sure I was in good shape (yes!). By the time I got back to my mom's room, there were lots of people there to see me. But before I spent time with them, I cuddled with my mom.

And then my dad held me too.
Then I met my Granny
My Grandpa
and my Uncle Sam

I also met my Bubbe, but my mom can't find the picture right now.

I mostly slept today, but when my parents ordered Chinese food for dinner I was ready to eat, my Grandpa said it was "payback" for my mom, who apparently liked to disrupt Chinese food dinners when she was little too.

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